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Governmental Affairs


CFR’s governmental affairs division encompasses four major activities: legislative activity, issue/position development, fundraising for the political action committee, and grassroots involvement. CFR promotes your interests on local, state, and national levels, supporting both property rights and homeownership rights. CFR is the largest professional association in the region comprised of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. We use a bipartisan approach, working with all parties as The Realtor® Party through civil discourse.
REALTORS® need to constantly monitor issues that affect the real estate profession. Some of these issues include:
            •          increased broker liability
            •          implementation of taxes on the transfer of property
            •          support of balanced development that protects the quality of life
CFR’s Government Affairs efforts are vital to maintaining a favorable real estate environment. We give you access to local, state and national information so that you have a better understanding of the important issues facing the industry.
Get involved today!
Stay up to date on current Governmental and Community Affairs issues by reading CFR’s newsletter The Fly Paper.
CFR Government Affairs Committee Members
REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC)
            •          What is RPAC?
            •          Make an RPAC contribution
            •          Candidate Selection Task Force

Membership on the Governmental Affairs Committee (GAC) is limited to 15 members and one Business Partner. Generally, once appointed, members serve for 2-3 years as the first year is spent learning the issues. GAC meets the first Wednesday of each month from 3-4:30pm (meetings usually last an hour). Members are also expected to attend (sometimes act as hosts) at both the Spring Legislative Luncheon, and the Fall Candidate Mix and Mingle (Pork n’ Politics). Further, members are encouraged to invest in RPAC.

If interested, contact the Government Affairs Director on staff or the GAC Chair. Those expressing interest will be placed on a waiting list. 






Election Results - Cape Fear Region
 WILMINGTON, NC (November 8, 2018) - “Four out of six Realtor® candidates won, yesterday,” said CEO Taylor Oldroyd. “While we didn’t bat 100%, in politics, that’s still a great result.” Cape Fear Realtors® supported a slate of candidates for yesterday’s local elections, many of whom were victorious by nights end. In Wilmington, Realtor® Bill Saffo handily won his reelection bid for mayor with over 84% of the vote. For Wilmington city council, three supported candidates topped the leader board in the following order: Kevin O’Grady, Realtor® Charlie Rivenbark, and Clifford Barnett.  Read More >>


Congressman Rouzer Meets with Realtors® about Flood Insurance
On Friday, August 25th, Patrice Willetts, the National Political Coordinator for Congressman David Rouzer, brought together a group of Realtors® to visit with the Congressman. “We have a couple issues to address,” said Willetts.
Read More »


CFR Meets RPAC Goal by Mid-June, Despite a 30% Increase in Goal
 CAPE FEAR REGION, NC (July 13, 2017) – Thanks to scores of calls made by RPAC Co-Chairs Sharon Laney and Susan Lacy, coupled with Major Investors ($1,000+), and hundreds of members, CFR has again made goal by June. “This year we saw a 30% increase in our goal from last year,” said RPAC Chair Sharon Laney. “Plus, we’ve added a couple of new Major Investors this year, so while the hill was a bit steeper, membership responded and met the challenge!”  read more >>


Flood Insurance Bill Move in the Right Direction with Nudge from NAR
 WASHINGTON, DC – On Thursday, July 20, through its legislative staff, the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) was successful in removing all objectionable portions of HR 2874 (The 21st Century Flood Reform Act). “This is good news to have a piece of legislation we can get behind that will be good for property owners,” said President Neal Johnson. “Bill improvements included leaving grandfathering as-is in the program, and addressing several affordability issues that concern homeowners.” Currently, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is scheduled to end September 30th. Legislative efforts were led by NAR’s Flood Insurance Principles.   “We are hopeful the bill will be passed before the August recess which will not only be a welcome development to the real estate community,” said Johnson. If passed, the bill would provide funding for NFIP for five years. 


30-unit Carolina Surf condominiums Condemned
Town of Carolina Beach officials had to take an unusual step on July 1st to condemn and evacuate the 30-unit Carolina Surf condominiums. Significant corrosion was detected on steel exposed when contractors replaced windows, revealing extensive damage. An engineer evaluation should have been submitted earlier this week, with a full report on the buildings structural integrity and providing requirements for shoring up or bracing the building. Built in 1986, the evaluation is expected to include the building’s ability to withstand winds which could result from a tropical storm or hurricane. Town of Carolina Beach officials have been working with the Carolina Shores HOA along the process and have assured owners they will help to obtain all the required permits and inspections when a Plan of Action is submitted to them. As reported by the Island Gazette, “Units in the oceanfront complex at 201 Carolina Beach Ave. S. sell for $250,000 to $350,000, according to the Focus Matters Realty website.”    read more >>


Cape Fear Hits 99% BIP Enrollment  
In three years, Cape Fear Realtors® (CFR) has moved from having one of the lowest levels of Broker Involvement Program (BIP) enrollment, to one of the highest. With only 19 brokers enrolled in BIP at the start of 2014, increasing participation seemed like a steep hill to climb. Flash forward, today, CFR has enrolled 196 out of 205 multiple-person office brokers into BIP, non-participants being comprised primarily of builders, appraisers, and developers. That equates to 95% of all brokers and 99% of the entire membership! .... read more >>


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