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COVID-19 Updates

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As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, it's important that we provide you with latest information on the national, state and local real estate industry. During this rapidly evolving crisis, we have been monitoring developments closely and will keep you updated. We've created this new Emergency Notifications page to keep you updated on all the important information.

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Recent Announcements:

Governor Cooper Extends Phase 2 & Requires Face Coverings - June 24
- Executive Order 147

Executive Order 142 Extends Moratorium on Utility Cut Offs & Implements Prohibition on Evictions - May 30
Governor Cooper issued Executive Order 142 which, in part, institutes a moratorium on eviction filings for non-payment or late payment of rent.

  • The order applies to both residential and commercial leases.
  • Evictions for non-payment or late payment of rent are prohibited for the effective period of the order, currently 21 days.
  • Tenants shall be given at least 6 months (from the end of the effective period) to pay, without late fees or penalties, any rent that is due or becomes due during the effective period of the order.
  • For commercial leases, the restriction of evictions is effective only if the landlord is aware that the non-payment or late payment is due to COVID-19, or if the commercial tenant provides documentation to the landlord that the non-payment or late payment is due to COVID-19.
  • Tenants’ obligations to pay rent is not waived; rent is still due.
  • Evictions for other legal reasons are allowed.



Governor Cooper shared information about how North Carolina can gradually re-open over three phases to prevent hot spots of viral spread while also beginning to bring our economy back. These phases are based on the best information available now, but could be altered as new information emerges.
-  View Presesntation slides



Information provided by the state association on health and safety for REALTORS®, guidance for business continued business practice and transaction disruptions.

NAR Coronavirus Resources
Information provided by the national association for REALTORS®, guidance for business - and updates on the impact to the real estate industry.
- NAR Coronavirus Updates

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 
Find the most up to date information on Coronavirus (COVID-19) from the CDC including how to protect yourself, what to do if you think you’re sick, and resources for the community.
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NC Health & Human Services
Find the latest updates on the state’s response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) from the North Carolina HHS including executive orders from the Governor’s office and guidance for businesses, employees, childcare, community events, unemployment, and much more.
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